Our vision is of a food system where everybody, regardless of income, status or background, has secure access to enough good food at all times, without compromising on the wellbeing of people, thehealth of the environment and  ability of future generations to provide for themselves.


In this vision, food is nutritious, healthy, good quality, local, culturally appropriate, fresh and sustainably produced.


At the core of this vision is the realization of the Right to Food and the government’s commitment to guarantee it. We believe a Food Sovereignty framework must be at the heart of food policy, and that communities are at the center of decision making on the policies that affect them and have a strong democratic control and truly participatory governance over our food system.

In this vision we have the power to shape the decisions that affect our lives, shape the way our food

system functions, and put in place the policies and practices we need.



1. To challenge the current approach to food policy-making in England.

2. To articulate a vision of the kind of food system we need in England and how it can be realised.

3. To lay out interconnected policy proposals that could be included in a national food and farming policy.

4. To provide a framework to organise, campaign and lobby around transforming our food system in England.

5. To continue to build the foundations and pillars of a food movement in England, which people from across the food system collectively engage with and shape.

A People's Food Policy was developed by a coalition of representatives from the Land Workers' Alliance, Global Justice Now, the Ecological Land Co-op, The Centre for Agroecology and the Permaculture Association. 

In order to move forward and put into action the solutions for changing our food system, we need to work together.

Over 150 food and farming initiatives, community groups, grassroots organisations, unions and NGOs have

contributed to the analysis, ideas and proposals in A People’s Food Policy. 

Over 100 organisations have so far signed up in support of A People's Food Policy. 

However, the scope of this document is wide and the input and/or support of an organisation and/or person does not necessarily imply endorsement of everything covered.


Contact: info@peoplesfoodpolicy.co.uk